Search Like a Librarian!

Common Craft: Web Search Strategies in Plain English
GoAnimate Cartoon

November Learning Web Savvy Quiz
Key to Alan November's Web Savvy Quiz with follow-up activites
The Google Game

Search Engines

Boolify - Teach kids how to search using Boolean operators.
Quintura Also look for Quintura for Kids for elem. level students
Kids Click web search for kids by librarians (directory)
Librarians' Internet Index

Tips and Tricks and Activities

Start Your Search Engines: Taming Google (and other tips)
Start Your Search Engines Part 2 - Images and Creative Commons
Google Guide
Google Search Tips - Posters
Google Custom Search

How to structure a good search
Introducing World Book online activity
Keywords Graphic Organizer example
Making an annotated bibliography/choosing the best resource. (Thanks to Maureen Stuart, teacher librarian at Windsor Secondary School in North Vancouver for this idea.)
Sample search strategies
- Using who, what, when, and where to guide a student search for stories of those experiencing war as civilians.

Web Site Evaluation

Site comparison. Have students look at the two following sites and compare the information found. They might also compare it to an encyclopedia article on Champlain.
All About Explorers

This site provides practice in web site evaluation. Note: Site #4 is blocked by PLNet.
Evaluating Sites

WYSIWYG Start with #3, 5 and 7. Great examples of how to set up an evaluation exercise.

Faux/Hoax Sites
Dog Island

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators: Critical Evaluation
Web Site Investigator: Information Forensics Trains students to identify clues about the source of information and its content.

Clarence Fisher describes ideas he uses for teaching his students about bias.

How to Read a Website

Reading a web page is very different from reading a page of text in a book. As an introductory activity to a new unit, walk students through a web page making sure they understand the elements on the page. They need to be able to navigate through the hyperlinks provided and return to the original page.
Does the page have features such as a search box, site map or glossary?

Debbie Abilock's screencast demonstrates Online Reading Strategies
Alan November's Teaching Zack to Think - note the updated message at the top of his article.