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Inspiration! Motivation!

Richmond Sept. 4, 2008 resources.

Word Training Quick Reference Card

Survey for Surrey Workshop April 8, 2008

Thanks to all who contributed. You were a great group to work with. Click here if you wanted the acronym examples (Net LIngo), or here for the we used.

Resources and Links

Which of these skills do you have? Which have your students mastered?

Research Recipe wiki created by Mary Frazier with a focus on research process tools.
Report: Canadian Teenagers are Leading the Online Revolution? Maybe not...
Pam Berger's Learning in the Web2.0 World. She discusses the skills needed for students to succeed: Graphic literacy, Navigation, Context, Skepticism, Focus, Ethical Behavior
Putting the Pieces Together: Integrating technology with Marzano's instructional strategies
Integrating Technology into the Classroom using Instructional Strategies based on Marzano
David Warlick's A Path to Becoming a Literate Educator

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